Performance - Poesie - Optophonetik


Live visualization is the real brand mark of ART VISUALS &POETRY.
The literature concept is based on Fusion Poetry. Fusion Poetry brings performance poetry, spoken word and the academic literature together. The idea is, to combine the advantages of both sceneries: livelyness, sense of humor, society critics, dialoging with the public and the aesthetic expression of borderline experience. The clash of this two worlds is part of the concept.
We work with young writers, who are working as musician, media designer, photographer or programmer. ART VISUALS &POETRY-programs are curated.

Another reason, why we work on the visualization of  literature is the fact, that it's new. It´s the wish to find a fresh unconsumed expression. Poetry and jazz has been given 1000 times, it´s battered. We want to touch and attack and we want to discover. The live visualization of literature is an aesthetic no- man's- land. There´s no tradition.

We think, it will come up. In the american contemporary poetry, there´s a strong trend to work with film - the New Yorker publishing house Rattapallax stands for it. In Europe the film scenery is grouped around the Literaturwerkstatt Berlin and the international  Poesiefilmfestival ZEBRA.

  The basic ideas of ART VISUALS &POETRY come from Dada. We create and string together short performances of different styles, poetry readings, experimental soundpoetry, spoken word using Optophonetics. The expression was created by the Dadaist Raoul Hausmann, who wanted to point out the phonetic structure of words by visualizing them. The work of Gerhard Rühm und JörgPieringer  are following this tradition. Reference to the material of language and synaesthetic visualization, both elements, can be discovered in the work of the visualist Julia Zdarsky.

Contemporary american poetry and art film go another way- and that´s the base of  ART VISUALS &POETRY and the visualists 4youreye, who are specialized in performing live and spontaneously.  The work of the  Tonya Hurley  ("Baptism of Solitude" von Paul Bowles)   is a good example to show what is is. The idea is to deepen the acustic hearing of language in a theatralic sense and create an artistic sythesis for all senses - it´s a kind of orchestration, a visualized audio drama, a dramatic composition of a piece of text.
There are different approaches of bringing film and and literature together. One of them is to transfer the narrative structures of language into movies. In this case film is creating language. The shortmovie" sete grilos dois charorros" von Roberto Andreoli  has this quality. All mentioned work is in its own way somehow, optophonetic, not in its historic meaning, but in a more wider sense. Typical  Dada is the idea, the audiance should become coproducers by re-enacting the work.

Beside artistic reasons we visualize literature, because it is a perfect instrument of bringing literature under the people and increase the audiance. That´s want  ART VISUALS &POETRY  wants: to find new ways of bringing literature under young peoples. We use the multimedia creations as a transmitter.  With multimedia sessions we can reach more young people, the ones, who are normally not consuming literature. It´s their language. We use it and open them for the specific potential of language. 
The audience is taken by a kind of cinema effect. The concentration and the attention can be kept over longer times, especially under young people, who are used to listen to fast beats and who have achieved different attitudes of perceptions. The visuals take the audience to an emotional journey, when they are listening to literature. The creation of poetry movies offer also alternative methods of teaching literature in schools.

In the next time we want to open a new range between silence and literature only and parts with tutti and furioso using all three elements, language, visuals and music, comparable to a symphonic orchestration.

We will create short performance for opening, presentations, symposions or live acts in clubs. Beside the live act new media is an important and additional benefit for sustainability. the ART VISUALS &POETRY-nights are the base for  shortmovies, DVD-productions and und streamings.