Sigrun Höllrigl "Odysseus X"




Sigrun Höllrigl “Odysseus X”. Novel. edition keiper, Graz 2015.


The 25 year old American student Sally Keane got a fullbrigth grant at King's College Cambridge. Sally admires the poetess Sylvia Plath. Even though she has a boyfriend in US, Sally falls in love in Cambridge and she´s willing to give this new love a chance. We follow the tragic story of Sylvia Plath told via contemporary frame story of her alter ego Sally. The researches about the life of Sylia Plath and her tragic death were part of this book.
Both young women are interellectuals and in a process of self discovery knowing, that their Odyssey would costs them some of the ships. Nevertheless both young ladies follow the rules of love without hesitating too much.

  •  144 pages
  •  16,05 Euro (Amazon)
  • publishing house: edition keiper; Auflage: 1., April 2015 (13. April 2015)
  • language: Deutsch
  • ISBN-10: 3902901683
  • ISBN-13: 978-3902901682

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