The poetry film competition 2015 

The text film competition in 2015 was dedicated to German speaking countries only. We wanted to restrict the entries to a smaller amount of film due to fact, that the festival funds have been very limited. Secondly it´s neccessary to concentrate on German Language to raise up an audience in Vienna.

Nevertheless we received 138 poetry or text films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
We are very happy with our decisison! The literature shorts will guarantee an inspiring evening, lots of surprising and new experiences.
The Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival will take place the  5th  and 6 th of December 2015 at one of the most beautiful old cinemas of Vienna, Metro Kinokulturhaus.


The selected competition movies

There will be three competition screenings during the festival. On Saturday, the 5th of December renowned media artists from Austria will show movies movies together with colleagues from Schweiz and Germany. On Sunday, the 6th of December we will show a  cineastic film program and with a media  arts program with animations. The Vienna festival will present the whole range of the poetry- oder text film from experiments to fast cuts and classic film.




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