Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival program 2015

Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival 2015

Fringe events

  International opener I - Eleni Gioti: The Agean or the Anus of Death (German Subtitles)


Griechenland, 2014, 7: 21 Min. HD, color, Stereo

A mysterious man appears at locations in Athens where racist attacks have taken place. Why is he giving life jacket instructions? Who is he trying to save from the anus of death? Since 2000 more than 23.000 people from Africa, the Middle East and beyond –war refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants– have lost their lives while trying to cross the borders to Europe. Hundreds of them have drowned in the Aegean Sea. Jazra Khaleed’s poetry assault is set at five locations in Athens where racist attacks have been reported during the last three years.





Opening film III - cimema release  "a man and a woman"  Sigrun Höllrigl/George Chkheidze

Österreich, 2015, 9:36 Min. Stereo, HD

The film „a man and woman“ goes down to a fundamental question of story telling. Shall we answer the relationship between men and women or human beings by telling a comedy or a tragedy? The film brings us in a flow between serious and unserious, love and hurt, separating and rendezvous.




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