Tribute to Patrick Leigh Fermor

Writers in resistance 



The british writer and SOE-Agent Patrick Leigh Fermor became famous not only for his war of resistance fighting against the Nazis on the greek island Crete, but also for his travelling stories. Patrick Leigh Fermor died on the 10 th of  June 2011.Leigh Fermor was honored for kidnapping the German Military Chief General on Crete in 1944. The story was filmed later on with Dirk Bogarde.

People, who know Crete, love the beauty and wilderness of the country and the freedom spirit and generous hospitality of the Cretes.

It´s not so well known, that the Cretes organized maybe the most powerful war of resistance against the Nazis. There were able to hold the Nazis back in this area for 4 years.





Die military motor bikes of the Germans, which they Cretes captured during the 2nd world war, are driven until today in Crete on bank holidays in the villages of the island or are shown as remembrances in the restaurants.